Detailed Coil Wire loads 20 Pack


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3D printed coil wire loads with detailed wire strands both inside and out. Available as a 20 pack of coil rolls. Inspired by the once common wire trains that ran from Newcastle to Ashfield, Sydney. The wire rolls are suited for most open wagons as used by the NSW railways or the like. Typically the number of coil rollsthat could fit in a “S Truck” was 14. In a HGM open wagon 33 coil rolls could fit and, 39 in a BDX open wagon. A modern coil wire NOCF wagon can fit 60 rolls. Phots of wagons are for illustration only and are not part of the kit. The printed coil rolls are supplied unpainted.

Typical arrangement in a S Truck and the raw coil rolls as printed.

NSW HGM open wagon with coil wire load.