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NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN! Black Gears 2.0 are now made to make it easier to select the gears required for your model. The design suits both off set and centre set gear trains. Gears feature an embossed number on the collar to identify the number of teeth the gear has. These gears are designed to replace the failed axle gears common with Austrains & Trainorama, early generation model locomotives. Design for easy installation, the gear features a spacer inside which sets the wheel spacing back to back at 14.5mm. wider gear teeth for a more positive contact, thicker and longer collar for better hold of the stub axles. Extensive independent testing have been conducted with the gears for strength, durability and performance by modellers in an effort to deliver a superior product. Meets the manufacturer’s recommended 18″ minimum radius operation.

Models common with 12 gears:

Austrains – X, T, Y, CLP Class  locomotives

One pack contains 12 gears, enough to replace all gears in two locomotives.

Please inspect your model first and confirm which gear suits your needs.